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Need help improving your sales? Let an Outsourced VP of Sales manage the daily/weekly sales activities. Our Interim Sales VP will manage all the work involved with running your sales team, including hiring, training, leading weekly sales meetings, creating compensation plans, setting metrics, holding the team accountable and much more.

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Introduction of Interim VP of sales

The Sales VP is a professional who will manage the sales of your company. They will formulate strategies and sales tactics that will help your business achieve its goals.The Sales VP is responsible for the development of promotional plans, management of brand awareness, and the development of marketing campaigns that will drive new business and grow your customer base.

Can Your Business benefit from an Interim VP of Sales?


Hiring an interim VP of Sales can be beneficial for a company in several ways:

iconfremExpertise and Experience

Expertise and Experience

An interim VP of Sales typically has extensive experience in sales leadership roles and a deep understanding of sales strategies, processes, and techniques. They bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, allowing them to quickly assess the company's sales operations and identify areas for improvement.

iconfremImmediate Impact

Immediate Impact

Sales VP is hired on a temporary basis to address specific challenges to bridge a leadership gap. Their primary goal is to drive results and make an immediate impact. They can quickly analyze the sales pipeline, sales team performance, and revenue generation strategies to identify opportunities for improvement and implement effective sales initiatives.

iconfremObjective Perspective

Objective Perspective

Being an external resource, an interim sales VP specialist can provide an objective perspective on the company's sales operations. They are not influenced by internal politics or biases and can objectively evaluate the existing sales structure, processes, and personnel. This fresh viewpoint can lead to valuable insights and actionable recommendations for optimizing sales performance.

iconfremChange Management

Change Management

If the company is undergoing significant changes such as restructuring, entering new markets, or implementing new sales technologies, an interim VP of Sales can help manage the transition effectively. Their experience in change management allows them to navigate through the complexities of organizational changes and ensure minimal disruption to sales activities.

iconfremTalent Development and Succession Planning

Talent Development and Succession Planning

Interim VPs of Sales can also play a crucial role in developing the existing sales team and identifying potential future sales leaders within the organization. They can provide mentoring and coaching to the sales team members, share best practices, and implement training programs to enhance their skills and capabilities. This focus on talent development helps create a stronger sales team and supports succession planning efforts.

iconfremFlexibility and Cost-Effectiveness

Flexibility and Cost-Effectiveness

Hiring an interim VP of Sales offers flexibility to the company. Unlike a permanent hire, the interim sales VP can be engaged for a specific period or project, allowing the company to scale up or down as needed. This flexibility can be cost-effective, as the company can avoid the long-term financial commitments associated with a full-time executive while still benefiting from their expertise.

How Our Sales VP Works for You?

iconfremNeeds Assessment

Needs Assessment

The Sales VP professionals starts by understanding the specific needs and goals of the company. They work closely with key stakeholders, such as the CEO, executive team, or board of directors, to identify the challenges, expectations, and desired outcomes for the sales function.

iconfremAnalysis and Strategy Development

Analysis and Strategy Development

Once the needs are assessed, the VP of Sales conducts a thorough analysis of the existing sales processes, team structure, performance metrics, and sales pipeline. They evaluate sales strategies, market positioning, customer segmentation, and competitive landscape. Based on this analysis, they develop a sales strategy and action plan to address the identified areas for improvement.

iconfremTeam Management and Development

Team Management and Development

The Sales VP works closely with the sales team, providing leadership, coaching, and mentoring. They assess the skills and capabilities of individual team members and identify areas for improvement. They may conduct training programs, implement performance improvement plans, or make necessary adjustments to the sales team structure to maximize productivity and results.

iconfremChange Management

Change Management

If the company is undergoing significant changes or initiatives that impact the sales function, such as a merger or the introduction of new products/services, the Sales VP plays a vital role in managing the transition. They ensure effective communication, facilitate collaboration, and address any challenges that arise during the change process.

iconfremExecution and Performance Monitoring

Execution and Performance Monitoring

The Sales VP leads the implementation of the sales strategy and action plan. They collaborate with the sales team, providing guidance, direction, and support to ensure alignment with the company's sales objectives. They may introduce new sales processes, refine existing ones, or implement sales tools and technologies to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Throughout the interim period, they closely monitor sales performance, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and provide regular progress reports to the executive team.

iconfremKnowledge Transfer and Succession Planning

Knowledge Transfer and Succession Planning

As the Sales VP completes their assignment, they provide a comprehensive handover to the permanent VP of Sales or other relevant stakeholders. This includes sharing insights, recommendations, and documentation related to the sales strategy, processes, and ongoing initiatives. They may also contribute to the development of a succession plan, identifying potential candidates or providing input on future sales leadership requirements.

Why Choose The OnPoint Management Group’s to Manage Your Sales ?


At OnPoint, we understand the importance of selecting the right partner to fulfill your Interim VP of Sales needs. Here are the compelling reasons why you should choose OnPoint as your trusted service provider:

iconfremUnparalleled Expertise and Experience

Unparalleled Expertise and Experience

With a proven track record in sales leadership roles, our team of sales VP professionals brings a wealth of expertise and extensive experience to the table. We have successfully led sales initiatives across various industries, making us well-equipped to understand your unique challenges and deliver results.

iconfremOutstanding Reputation and Client Satisfaction

Outstanding Reputation and Client Satisfaction

We take pride in our impeccable reputation and the long-term relationships we have built with our clients. Our satisfied clients speak to the quality of our services, as evidenced by their testimonials and referrals. We consistently strive to exceed expectations and provide exceptional value to each client we serve.

iconfremTailored Solutions for Your Success

Tailored Solutions for Your Success

We recognize that every business is unique, which is why we offer flexible and scalable solutions tailored to your specific needs. Whether you require interim sales VP leadership for a specific project or a comprehensive sales transformation, we adapt our services to align with your goals, industry, and growth stage.

iconfremSeamless Integration with Your Organization

Seamless Integration with Your Organization

We understand the significance of aligning with your company's values, culture, and objectives. Our team takes the time to understand your organization's dynamics, ensuring a seamless integration with your existing team. We collaborate closely with your stakeholders to foster a cohesive and productive working relationship.

iconfremResults-Driven Approach

Results-Driven Approach

Our unwavering focus is on driving tangible results for your sales function. We work closely with you to set measurable goals and implement effective strategies to achieve them. Our proven methodologies and structured approach empower us to optimize your sales processes, enhance performance, and surpass your sales targets.

iconfremConfidentiality and Data Security

Confidentiality and Data Security

We prioritize the confidentiality and security of your sales data and sensitive information. With robust measures in place, we ensure the utmost protection of your valuable assets throughout our engagement.

iconfremTransparent Pricing and Value

Transparent Pricing and Value

We believe in transparency and strive to deliver exceptional value for your investment. Our pricing structure is fair, straightforward, and tailored to your specific requirements. We provide a clear understanding of costs and any additional fees, enabling you to make informed decisions while maximizing your return on investment.

iconfremCommitment to Communication and Collaboration

Commitment to Communication and Collaboration

Effective communication and collaboration are at the core of our approach. We maintain open lines of communication, actively involving your team in the decision-making process. Our collaborative approach ensures that everyone is aligned, fostering a culture of shared success.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is an interim VP of Sales?

A interim VP of Sales is a temporary executive who assumes the role of Vice President of Sales within a company for a specified period. They provide sales leadership, develop strategies, and drive sales initiatives while bridging any leadership gaps or addressing specific challenges.

When should a company consider hiring interim VP of Sales?

Companies often consider hiring an interim VP of Sales when they need immediate sales expertise, are undergoing a leadership transition, require a focused sales turnaround, or need to bridge a temporary gap in their sales leadership.

How does an interim VP of sales differ from a permanent VP of Sales?

Interim VP of Sales is a temporary resource hired for a specific period or project, whereas a permanent VP of Sales is a long-term, full-time executive. Interim VPs are typically brought in to address immediate needs or challenges, while permanent VPs are responsible for long-term sales strategy and team management.

What are the benefits of hiring an interim VP of sales over a permanent hire?

Hiring an interim VP of Sales offers benefits such as immediate impact, specialized expertise, objective perspective, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness. They bring industry-specific knowledge, can quickly assess and improve sales operations, and provide objective insights without the long-term financial commitment of a permanent hire.

How long does an interim VP of sales engagement typically last?

The duration of an interim VP of Sales engagement varies based on the specific needs and objectives of the company. It can range from a few months to a year, depending on the complexity of the sales challenges or the completion of specific projects.

Can an interim VP of Sales help with sales team management and development?

Yes, an interim VP of Sales can provide guidance, mentorship, and coaching to the sales team. They assess individual skills, identify areas for improvement, implement training programs, and make adjustments to the team structure if necessary. Their focus on talent development can contribute to building a stronger sales team.

What should a company look for when Hire Interim VP of Sales ?

When you look to hire as interim VP of sales, consider their expertise and experience in sales leadership, their track record of success, their ability to adapt to your company culture, their communication and collaboration skills, and their approach to achieving measurable results. It is also essential to evaluate their fit with your specific industry and sales challenges.

How do companies ensure a smooth transition when the interim vp for sales engagement ends?

To ensure a smooth transition, the interim VP of Sales should provide a comprehensive handover to the permanent VP or relevant stakeholders. This includes sharing insights, recommendations, and documentation related to sales strategies, processes, ongoing initiatives, and potential successors. Clear communication and knowledge transfer help facilitate a seamless transition.

How much does it cost to hire an interim VP of Sales?

The cost of hiring an interim VP of Sales varies depending on factors such as the duration of engagement, scope of responsibilities, and the level of expertise required. The cost structure can include a combination of a fixed fee, hourly rate, or a project-based fee. It is essential to discuss and agree upon the pricing structure with the service provider before engaging their services.



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