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The OnPoint Management Group provide sales development services that provide the best results for your business through the management of your sales team and lead generation.

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Introduction of Sales Development Services

Sales development services are the new-age sales strategy that uses a combination of technology, people, and processes. The core concept behind the sales development services is to better engage with your ideal customer profile (ICP) and establish a relationship that facilitates a more successful sales process. The sales development services focus mainly on the initial stages of the sales process through which potential leads are generated, initiate engagement with the prospects, and then qualify the leads. The qualified leads then pass to the sales team to capitalize.

Sales Development Services Process


The OnPoint Management Group’s sales development consulting services provide multiple types of service, all designed to help grow your sales and build brand awareness.


Outbound Lead Generation

Our business development representatives will bring new opportunities for your business through social media networking, email outreach and phone, driving the growth for your business.Going beyond the besic cold email approach, OnPoint also employs a highly personalized approach that provides a higher level of engagement with prospects.

Sales Outsourcing Services

The OnPoint Management Group provides outsourcing sales services and and can manage your entire sales process on your behalf, giving you a hassle-free experience.

Sales Growth Program

Our sales growth program provides you with a fractional sales executive as well as a full time dedicated BDR to help drive new opportunities. Additionally a PPC campaign is also included to help drive brand awareness.

Total Business Development Service

OnPoint’s Comprehensive Business Development Services offers a complete program that can be customized to meet your needs and budget. The Comprehensive Program incorporates a fulltime BDR for outbound activities and an inbound demand generation aspect, including Social Media Management, Pay per Click(PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Why Choose The OnPoint Management Group as Your Sales Development Services ?

iconfremEnterprise Sales Development

Enterprise Sales Development

The OnPoint Management Group works closely with you to identify the leads, engage with the leads and manages the entire sales process all the way to contract close.

iconfremSales Development Experts

Sales Development Experts

We are the leading sales development organization working with technology focused companies and helping your business to enter new markets and boost sales.



The OnPoint Management Group allows you to hire sales development experts, who focus on increasing sales and boosting business growth through our senior level sales development experts.

iconfremContinuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

Our priority is to bring sales and growth to your business.This happens through a continuous improvement process that utilizes data and analysis to help guide our efforts.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are sales development services?

Sales development services are the set of sales activities that are geared towards facilitating business growth and increasing sales.

What are the different sales development services provided by The OnPoint Management Group?

The OnPoint Management Group provides you with a wide range of sales development services including our sales growth program, Outbound land geveration, Total Business Development program, Fractional Sales Executive, Interim/tractional Sales VP as well as our digital media drives – Demand generation services.

What are the benefits of choosing The OnPoint Management Group’s sales development services?

The benefits of opting for The OnPoint Management Group’s sales development services include continuous improvement of your sales performance, reduced cost, and hiring industry-leading experts.

How do sales development services benefit your business?

Sales development services bring you the opportunity to revamp your sales and elevate business growth at a reduced cost, and the ability to reach a large number of potential customers.



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