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Sales Outsourcing Services

The OnPoint Management Group provide sales outsourcing services for your business. Our sales outsourcing experts support and assist your sales team during any stage of the sales process.

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Introduction of Sales Outsourcing Solutions

Sales outsourcing services are a process through which businesses are provided with sufficient manpower and expertise to boost their sales. The sales process is delegated to a third party or a sales outsourcing service provider to expand the sales process. The different activities carried out during sales outsourcing include the generation of leads, market research, management of inbound calls, and outbound calls. These services allow businesses to ramp up sales efforts, enter new markets or verticals where they may not have sales experience and especially for startups, it allows the CEO to focus their attention on the areas of the business, such as product development, resulting in greater impact.

Why Your Business Needs OnPoint's Sales Outsourcing Services ?

iconfremEasy Growth

Easy Growth

Your business can scale up and grow without investing your own into sales team expansion, no expense of employee recruiting training, or managing and no internal changes.

iconfremImproved Customer Experience

Improved Customer Experience

The sales outsourcing process ensures that you have a hassle-free experience from the starting point to the end and we also helps to build brand awareness.

iconfremPriority on Profitability

Priority on Profitability

OnPoint's Sales outsourcing solutions allows you to grow your sales at a lower cost than employing your own personnel. It also reduces the burden on the administrative department (training, managing and employees turnover) , allowing you to focus on higher revenue tasks.

iconfremEntry in to New Market

Entry in to New Market

When entering a new market, OnPoint's sales outsourcing services allow your business to become familiar with new and existing customers in quicker fashion.

iconfremRestricted Budget

Restricted Budget

When you have limited resources and a limited budget, sales outsourcing solutions provides cost effective means of having greater sales outcomes.



You will receive assistance and support from the senior sales executive regarding sales strategy, sales processes and market insights.

Sales Outsourcing Services Process

iconfremUnderstanding Pain Points

Understanding Pain Points

OnPoint collects and gathers data to analyze and understand your GTM Strategy as well as primary verticals being targeted and the key value proposition and how this translates to your customer’s needs.

iconfremDevelopment of Strategy

Development of Strategy

On the basis of the gathered information and analysis, the sales executive will develop a sales plan that will support your business goals.

iconfremBuilding your Sales team

Building your Sales team

Depending on your budget, OnPoint will build the sales team with key personnel to ensure sales success.

iconfremExecution of Sales Strategy

Execution of Sales Strategy

The sales strategy is executed and the sales team ensures that all the sales processes are aligned with your business goals.



The OnPoint Management Group manages all aspects of the sales team works them continuously to give them the required knowledge and tools.

iconfremRegular Reporting

Regular Reporting

The performance of the sales process is monitored and measured regularly. On a weekly or bi-weekly basis, you receive reports on performance.

Why Choose The OnPoint Management Group as Your Sales Outsourcing Services ?

iconfremBest Sales Outsourcing Company

Best Sales Outsourcing Company

The OnPoint Management Group has over 20 years of experience from complex enterprise level sales to simpler sales program. We have core strengths in healthcare, financial services , technology, and retail but also work with many clients in other verticals as well.

iconfremCost Effective Solutions

Cost Effective Solutions

The OnPoint Management Group provides you with sales outsourcing experts at a lower cost than hiring new employees, making us the best outsourced sales company.

iconfremSales Technology

Sales Technology

The OnPoint Management Group has invested in and utilizes multiple advanced tools to facilitate sales success. This helps you to save you money since you do not need to invest in various sales tech tools.

iconfremIncreased Scalability

Increased Scalability

The OnPoint Management Group gives you a sales solutions that is personalized and can be both scaled up and down as per your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are sales outsourcing services?

Sales outsourcing services are a process through which an outsourced sales team is used to carry out sales processes at a lower cost of recruiting hiring training and managing your own sales employees.

What benefits does The OnPoint Management Group provide?

The OnPoint Management Group provides the latest technologies, experienced sales professionals, and opportunities to expand sales.Our senior sales executives bring 10+ years of experience as well as network of people and companies where we have strong relationships.

How using sales outsourcing services reduces costs?

Your company has to only invest in outsourcing sales services and you do not need to recruit any additional employees for sales activities or buy sales enablement software for your own team.

Are sales outsourcing services effective for small businesses?

The sales outsourcing services are most effective for small businesses because you do not need to deal with the recruitment training and management of employees. OnPoint handles all aspects so that you can focus on other areas of priority.



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